the only one

December 22, 2011


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Lat night, Pat’s vibrator stopped working, so he was unable to feel the vibration in order to receive telephone calls. Today he saw Marty for his exercise training and then he saw Jeff and has a pizza with him at his home. He was in very good spirits on the phone.


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Pat is doing well. He filled up his medicine by himself today which was a plus. Although he was frustrated with his lack of Internet today, he did not get pissy with me on the phone or Deanna. I did not think he would like the mercurial nature of 3G, but he enjoys the challenge of it. Next week, we will be seeing his sleep doctor and discussing his lack of sleep with this new doctor. He does not enjoy the feeling of the plastic against his skin of the sleep machine. He might be getting another foot infection but I think we nipped it in the bud with some clortrimizole.

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